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November 23, 2013


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Let me start off this journal by saying THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO ALL PIRIHON FANS. So don't take this message to be directed at you in particular. You'll know if it's being directed at you, I'm sure.

And this is my message:

Okay, so there's a significant enough portion of PiriHon fans that also like to hate on Taiwan and the pairing of Japan/Taiwan. I see fanworks that deliberately bash on Taiwan and make the Japan/Taiwan ship look horrible, just so their precious PiriHon looks *~so much better~* in comparison.

Yeah. STOP. Why you should stop:

1. Taiwan is a fantastic character and isn't a 'horrible bitch rival for Japan's affections'! She doesn't even have a canon crush on Japan anyway, she's about as much a ship rival as America or England, heck, less so, Ameripan and AsaKiku have a lot more canon interactions. Seriously, the basis for targeting this character for hate is pathetic. 100% pathetic. Grow a pair.

2. Bashing a character or ship does not make your ship look any better in comparison. Seriously, you're being as bad as say, the Spamano fans that hate on Belgium, or the FrUk/USUK fans that hate on Seychelles. You are.

3. In fact, it's making you and your ship look bad! Guess what? I really wanted to get on board with PiriHon and believe me, I tried, but then I see the side of the PiriHon fandom that is hating on mah gurl Taiwan and I just, I despise that side of the PiriHon fandom so much. I can't ship PiriHon as anything more than friends now, I can't go any further than that.

4. You are free to dislike Taiwan and Japan/Taiwan, but making characters OOC or whining about it is not going to give you any medals or anything. Seriously? What are you gaining out of hating on Taiwan or Japan/Taiwan or whoever? Tell me, I'd love to know what makes you feel so A+++++ about that sort of behaviour.

5. btw it makes your Philippines OC look really bad too, like woooowww what an amazingly sugoi character being in a bitchy rivalry with taiwan oh wowwwwwwww desu desu

6. and guess what, you're making the PiriHon shippers that don't hate on Taiwan get lumped in with bad seeds - I know not every PiriHon fan behaves this way, but I've seen enough of this behaviour that I just wanted to get this message out there because lol, if I don't say it, who will?

7. in fact it's this sort of behaviour that makes people hate on the APH OC fandom in general - hating on characters for 'interfering' with their kawaii OC/Canon ships - thanks for making everyone look bad, you little shit

Anyway I've been wanting to say this shit for a while now and why yes, yes I am being harsh

but it needs to be said


by the way, no I am not going to bring up direct examples of this dumbfuckery, but it's out there, believe me
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HoneyBeeGirl94 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
No one misses with my Taiwan! Pinkie Pie Squint  If they do then they'll have to deal with me! MLP:Evil fluttershy  So let me keep on loving! Pinkie Pie Haters gonna hate 
melonstyle Featured By Owner 3 days ago
exactly. 8I I love Taiwan to bits and I honestly can't get behind a ship where so many of its fans ridicule her. u___u
HoneyBeeGirl94 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Indeed! ;A;
I personally see Taiwan and Japan as best bros, then lovers. Because I just can't see Japan being in a romantic relationship with anyone or at least Taiwan not being his type. I see him going for someone that's more confident and strong like Fem America or Fem Italy or someone equally as mature as him like Vietnam or someone that acts as traditional feminine and loyal house wife material, like Liechtenstein. 
While Taiwan goes for someone that's equally as out going as her, but also boosts up her confidence like America or someone that will bluntly tell that to calm down, while being just as mischievous as she, like Hong Kong.

For Philippines, your Philippines oc is the one that I like so far and is at least not turned into some shipping magnet like every other Philippines oc.
It makes me wonder if Hetalia had a official Philippines and was a girl. Would the fans go ten times more overboard with her by treating her like Kagome from Inuyasha where they pair her with various characters from other anime series. 
melonstyle Featured By Owner 3 days ago
...Hum... I love Japan/Taiwan the most of all my various Taiwan ships (tho i love them almost all equally??), so I disagree on some points... but Taiwan's my bicycle as you may have noticed in my ship list, rofl-- (srsly I love her hardcore with Japan, America, Hong Kong, Romano, Russia, Netherlands, Portugal OOPS) -- I won't go into the full spiel though because I'm trying to do some work but um, I love Japan/Taiwan heaps and I have my reasons for viewing them in a special way.

And aahh thanks. TBH I know it sounds mean but I hope that canon Philippines is a boy so I don't have to see this poor girl get automatically dubbed Maria Clara de la Cruz (which i have reasons for being anti that name choice VALID I PROMISE YOU) and get shipped with the world. While the male Philippines would get shipped a ton, at least I'm less likely to get shoved with all the terrible ships lmao. Srsly, so many people misunderstand the flaws in ALL of the PH ships, so once PH becomes canon, the fandom will flood with even more ignorance.

Again, I know it sounds mean, but honestly, I can't help but feel that way?? I mean, I'll be happy for the PH fandom who wanted their country canon, but I've had Maricela for around 4 years and care way too much about her, ahaha. I'll never let her go.
HoneyBeeGirl94 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
It's okay if you ship it! :D
I just go with it when people talk about their ships, except for LatLiech and SeaLiech. Those ships I detest in so many levels. 

I know how you. I hate the fanon name for Liechtenstein (along with many fanon things about her). Marina seems to be overused as a name and personally I see that the name Maria fits a another Fem oc country along with the name Lilli, neither of them give me the image of Philippines or Liechtenstein when I hear them. 
I don't see any Belarus and Latvia Hetalia fans going overboard with their shipping their countries with everyone. 

Maricela is pretty much like you're own child (Though if she was real and actually represented the actual Philippines, then it would be slightly in the reverse XD) along with your other ocs. I'm not surprised if you said that. :D
melonstyle Featured By Owner 3 days ago
lmao, my shiplist already mentions the ships that are just NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE, like srsly I have nothing nice to say about some of them, so all I say is 'yeah um me no likey' cuz I don't want to insult another person's ships in front of them??

Oh, I dislike Lilli as her name. My personal Liech headcanon name is Erica Vogel. Erica's a cute name that also sounds more mature too, it combines the two things I see in Liechtenstein. And um, the problem with Maria Clara is that it references the Noli me Tangere novel character, and the character is very weak and submissive and has her life defined by men basically. That's not the right image to be projecting onto a PH OC, that's why I detest that name choice. u__u

tbh Latvia fandom is hella chill I like them. and i got some latvians into latvia/kosovo which is good fun//slapped -- most of Belarus' multishippers (myself included) aren't actually Belarusians, I've noticed. o3o

ALL MY OCS ARE MY CHILDREN OK. Which is why I'm still using my Luxbutt even though there is a canon Luxembourg. I work hard on my characters and I'm entitled to use them if I want, so yeah. XD
HoneyBeeGirl94 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Same! Respect the shippers. 

Eva, Elise, Erika/Erica (I like both, but I use Erika) and Sisia are fitting names for Liechtenstein while Vogel is indeed a pretty common surname in Liechtenstein. I hate Lilli Zwingli, to me it sounds like that Liechtenstein's a colony of Switzerland or a city of his, which is NOT! I'm pretty that in Liechtenstein's profile in her wiki page will tell you why Liechtenstein wouldn't take Zwingli her surname. (I personally see Switzerland and Liechtenstein being distent cousins or half related, because they do share some relation, too).
I remember seeing a comment like that one of Maaf series about Philippines's human. I've never read that said novel and probably never will. It sounds almost like a Twilight novel but only with a different scenario. 
Don't get me started on the terrible stereotype of Asian women are submissive (Asian men have small you know what). I hate it I keep seeing the terrible treatment that both Asian woman dating a foreign man or vice versa with Asian men and foreign woman. These are the kind of stereotype that I call offensive. I'm a German Greek American girl that hates it.

I've seen one Latvian Hetalia fan, but never spoke to her. I'm pretty sure that Latvians are pleased to hear that someone's paying attention to their country. :D
True indeed with Belarus. Though I've talked to a Belarusian Hetalia fan that loves LietBela. :D

They are amazing! 
Your Philippines and South Korea's relationship really reminds me of Sasha and Connie's relationship from AOT! 
melonstyle Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Vogel amuses me though, cuz it's the surname of my brother's girlfriend--//raughs (she's a Swiss-New Zealander, ahaha)

But I despise the Zwingli surname for her too. She ain't no colony, dammit.

And yeah um... Noli Me Tangere is a national icon and it helped inspire the Philippine Revolution... the thing is, you can't assert your modern views onto old novels like that. Twilight is bad because it's current and showing bad female representation... but Noli me Tangere is accurate to the values of the people back then, so you have to understand that the core values aren't always the same as your own. I've heard it's a very good novel, but when you read it with modern goggles, your opinion of it decreases in favour.

But yes, the submissive stereotype is bad. I see Philippines as being strong and determined, which is why I wanted to avoid naming her directly after the character. Maria Clara is seen as Inang Bayan though - her qualities aren't all that bad though. My Philippines' name is Maricela Clara, so I reference the character, but not fully, I still make Maricela my own.

Yeah, Latvia doesn't get enough attention tbph. 8U hardly anyone thinks deeply about his character... it's a shame.

lmao it's funny cuz I've had someone else say to me that KorPiri would be awesome in a crossover with AoT as Sasha and Connie... I actually have a picture stored where it's Maricela as Sasha... it's fab-- Maricela and Sasha do hold a lot of similarities...
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Filipinogirl14 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2014
I agree with you! I love PiriHon but I hate it when there's Taiwan bashing in every PiriHon! I love Taiwan too
SilentGirl888 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Dude, I love PiriHon shipping,and every single other shipping… but I ADORE the female characters more than any other because they are adorable and sweet and I may or may not have a lady crush on them even though I'm straight! When I see them, I am like Squee Bounce Oh, Olaf Junko Enoshima (Kawaii Blush) [V5], until I see all the hate they get, "EXO : Baekhyun Stare Oh, so you like Hetalia but hate the girls? G-Dragon GET OUT EMOTICON, you are no fan."
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