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Here we go! I said I'd be making a journal about this... because basically I watched all of the Shingeki no Kyojin anime thus far and I'm really hooked. In any case, I forged a ton of headcanons of an Axis Powers Hetalia and Shingeki no Kyojin crossover. And knowing I'd never have the time to actually do fanworks exploring each and every one, I thought I'd just dump them here with the vague hope that it inspires at least somebody. So I'm going to be doing this in parts. And I thought of an amusing way to go about this!

Basically I am going to use this generator to generate a country name, and if I have any headcanons for that country in regards to the crossover, I will put them here. I will do about ten countries per post. So... I hope you guys will enjoy this journal series of mine! CB And uh, remember that these are just headcanons and you don't have to agree. Kay? Kay.

And oh, because this is Shingeki no Kyojin, expect hearts broken. And character death. And um, if anyone uses one of my ideas for anything, do at least credit me somehow? Ahahaha. By the way, there's no characters I had in mind specifically as the 'main characters'... so this is very ensemble, kay.

Anyway, to my amusement, the first country generated was...


OCs in mind: Maya (belonging to :iconmeirenka:) and Azura (belonging to :iconmelonstyle:)

  • The middle child of three sisters - Cahaya being the eldest and Maricela being the youngest. However, they were among those to live within Wall Maria and when the Titans attacked, Azura was among those killed.
  • She lived within Wall Rose and while talented, she ended up living a rather easy life. Thus she ended up thinking rather highly of herself and coming across rather arrogant to begin with when she chose to join the military. Prior to joining, she had never seen a Titan before in person.
  • Maya went on to be one of the top ten in her graduating trainees squad (graduating squad #110) - she wasn't pleased though, because she was hoping for top five. It was noted that while she was very good, it was clear she lacked experience of events in which she really and truly was fighting for her survival - and it was a concern that she wasn't going to cope the best with it.
  • During her time with the trainee squad, she generally spent a lot of her time around Russell Lee when she quickly realised he was one of the main 'prodigies' in the group and the two developed a bond, though neither are quite sure how to define it. Somchai also spent a lot of time with her and seemed to tolerate her a lot. She also developed a bit of a sisterhood with Kirana and Maricela.
  • One of Maya's inspirations that led her to joining the military was someone she knew since she was rather young - one of the elites of the scouting legion: Arthur Kirkland -  she fancied becoming an elite herself, though to begin with, she liked the idea of joining the military police and living within Wall Sina.
  • Once Maya was actually out on the battlefield, she actually couldn't fight at first once she saw other people getting killed. It was a whole new experience for her and she almost got killed herself. Lee saved her from getting killed and watching him, she realised why he was exceptional. She hates to admit it, but he really became an inspiration to her from then on and she's determined to become just as strong as him, if not stronger.
  • Whether Maya joins the Military Police, the Stationary Guard or the Scouting Legion... I'll let Ren decide~ and she's free to disagree with these ideas, ahahaha though look i made references to your malaysia otps :iconheplz:


OC in mind: Pheakdei (belonging to :iconprateh-kampuchea:)

  • He was one of the top ten in the graduating squad #110. He was number six, which disappointed him, because it placed him below Somchai, who was his biggest rival in the group. The two just couldn't get along. He didn't exactly get on well with Linh either, but she quickly stood out as the most talented of the group, so Pheakdei focused himself on at least making himself better than Somchai. As you can see, that didn't work out.
  • His only real family was his older brother Nhean, who was a great elite in the military. This put Pheakdei under a lot of pressure as not just Nhean, but everyone else expected him to be just as great. In his district, many of the children in the lower class were put under a lot of hardship and forced into doing all sorts of terrible work for the adults who pushed them around. They all ended up with ties to the black market, and there, Pheakdei met Linh, Somchai, Myo Thet and Noi. He only really managed to get along with Noi, while the other three, not so much. Pheakdei kept hoping that Nhean would actually come back from his duties to at least get him out of the hardships he was facing in his district, and he put on this belief that things would get better. However, news spread that Nhean had died in battle. From there, Pheakdei ended up becoming more pessimistic, while Linh and Somchai both looked down on the fact that he had been clinging to that false hope and it got him nowhere.
  • While Nhean was considered elite, Pheakdei is still not close to being considered as such. This is something that frustrates him, because he had hoped that someone of an elite position would be able to work towards making a better society and they didn't, so someone who wasn't an elite would have even less hope.
  • I have this headcanon that Pheakdei would either join the Military Police or the Stationary Guards. Pheakdei does have a great strength and technique, but he wanted to focus on at least trying to better his life on the inside before he ever considered going beyond the walls. Despite his bitterness, there is a part of him that wants to prove both Linh and Somchai wrong; that there is still hope for life to get better.


OC in mind: Maximiliano (belongs to :icontunsem:)

  • a sibling to Agustina, and close to Xavier. The three of them grew up in one of the districts of Wall Maria, but were able to be evacuated before really seeing a Titan up close. However, they knew a lot of people who didn't survive - they never got final words, or to even see them one last time before they got killed. The three of them were thankful to the Stationary Guard soldiers that managed to save a lot of people that day, admiring their bravery during the attack. After some thought, each of them decided to join the military.
  • Max really wanted to do well during the training - but both Agustina and Xavier ended  up surpassing him greatly. This was something that upset him deep down - but there was something that became an important quality to him - he was clever with strategy. While he never made the top ten, he is often involved with creating strategies for missions, particularly in regards to the Stationary Guard.
  • Max didn't really get to know the other members of his training squad as well. Agustina and Xavier were both popular members of the training squad and he ended up often feeling like a bit of a 'tag-along' to the other two. It wasn't until after graduation when he began to excel at his strengths and have others recognise them.


  • I headcanon New Zealand as female with the name 'Katherine Rutherford', Kate for short. Deal with it.
  • Kate lived in a more rural part of one of the Wall Maria districts. She's very comfortable being around animals and is generally quite the tomboy. She mostly grew up around males and is more often than not treated as 'one of the guys' - and she deals with it just fine. One of her best friends growing up was Kyle, and they were each distant cousins of Arthur. Ever since they were young, the two made a pact to join the military and eventually join the Scouting Legion 'to give Arthur a tough time' - they meant that in the nicest way possible! ...Maybe.
  • Kyle and Kate graduated as the number three and four respectively from their training squad, which was #114. The two were very competitive with each other throughout the course of the training, but it was friendly fire. For a while, some of the others thought Kyle and Kate were an item, but the two thought this was the most hilarious rumour ever. Kyle likes to joke about it, while Kate completely denies it - good heartedly so. Some of their other friends at that particular training squad included brothers Alfred and Matthew - Kate got along better with Matthew out of the two, finding they related more to each other, while Kyle and Alfred became a total bromance.
  • Alfred started that rumour about Kate and Kyle, by the way. What a little shit.
  • As soldiers after graduation, both Kate and Kyle continued to be very good, often supporting one another through the good and the bad. They each hope to make the elite someday. However, one of the battles had something happen that neither will ever be able to get over. What happened will be explained when it's time for the characters' involved's headcanon section!


  • One of the biggest badasses among the military, and kind of a giant pain in Yao's backside. The two had been rivalling each other since forever ago - their rivalry was considered rather infamous during the days when they were trainees. There are endless crazy stories that Bataar loves to bring up that Yao would much rather forget.
  • Bataar, while he's one of the older members of the military now, he still commands a lot of respect. He has experienced a great deal and suffered the losses of many friends and comrades over the years.


OC in mind: Valon (belonging to :iconmelonstyle:)
  • He was from one of the poorest areas within Wall Maria and lived with a lot of orphans at an orphanage. While Valon didn't get along with most of the other children - he and Zoran hated one another and Zoran had quite a high standing amongst the orphans, who in turn chose to dislike/ignore Valon as well - he was able to form notable bonds with one of the oldest kids there, Sadiq, and with Lindita. While Sadiq wasn't the most popular with the other orphans, Valon found himself looking up to him and realising that he was actually a cooler guy than he let on. Sadiq left the orphanage early though, to go and join up with the military, which Valon decided he'd do so as well.
  • Not long after Sadiq left, the district came under attack from the Titans. The orphanage was destroyed and only nine of the orphans there survived and got evacuated in time, Valon and Lindita being among them. All of the nine ended up joining the military at the same time and were in the trainee squad. Valon was considered probably the most unconventional of the bunch - perhaps the most troublesome to place within a team, but many of the higher ups had a feeling that he would rank high on survivability. Needless to say though, he definitely wasn't in the top ten from that graduating squad.
  • Valon is now amongst the Stationary Guard, though he's rather awkward and difficult to work with. However, when it counts though, he can become more reliable and well, his rather out of the box way of thinking has certainly helped from time to time when total impromptu plans had to be made on the go.


OC in mind: Elena (belong to :iconclarcster:)
  • She was at the same orphanage as Valon and the others, and was one of the nine to survive. Elena was perhaps the most optimistic of the children there and did her best to try and make the most of life. However, it was this attitude that got her pushed around by the other children. Zoran often defended her though, which meant that so long as she hung around him, most of the other orphans didn't bother her. However, she also wanted to be strong in her own way. Truth be told, she actually inspired many of the other surviving nine a lot, as she proved to be handling the hardships much more than anyone else and gave them ideas on finding ways to smile and not give up, even when life was tough.
  • Elena wasn't one of the top ten from her graduate squad - actually, she came close to being kicked off! However, she was rated highly on her skills in working with a team and keeping other people's spirits up, which was a valuable thing to have.
  • However, during one of the attacks - the breaching of Wall Rose, Elena was one of the ones to die early on. The tragedy of her death sometimes made it difficult for her friends to try and follow up with the things she'd taught him - the death of a girl who did her best to smile throughout all hardships was one of the harshest reality checks for those who knew her.


  • He's one of the older veterans of the military. He was number one from his graduating class and rivals with Bataar. He's one of the elites of the Stationary Guard and generally well-respected. Over the years, he has become more and more bitter and suspicious of activity going on in the military. Because of this, he has chosen a couple of especially trusted soldiers to join the Military Police and keep an eye on what's been happening over there, noticing the corruption amongst the top. One of the people he's most suspicious of is one of the more recent graduates, Dae Hyun.
  • Despite his suspicions of others, Yao isn't 100% innocent either. Some of the few who know a lot about him and what some of the things he's been really linked are include Kiku and Ivan. To his relief, neither have spread the truth to anyone... yet. However, his relations with the former are rather strained.
  • Yao isn't exactly the biggest supporter of the Scouting Legion. The truth is, there was someone he loved when he was younger. However, she chose to join the Scouting Legion instead of the Military Police or the Stationary Guard - at first he supported her - she had high hopes and a lot of bravery. But the first mission she set out on with the legion, she never returned from. After that, Yao began to dislike that section of the military - too many good soldiers were dying far sooner than they otherwise would have. He doesn't see the point of trying to expand the walls when there's already been struggles maintaining order within the walls themselves. It doesn't help that he doesn't get along well with some of the main elites of the Scouting Legion: Arthur and Kiku.


OCs in mind: Salvatore (belonging to :iconmelonstyle:) and Luciana (belonging to :iconmerujii:)

Salvatore & Luciana
  • In this AU, he and Luciana are twins. Both of them have connections to the King and thus already live rather comfortable lives within Wall Sina. Neither were inclined to join the military at first, but when they saw that their cousins were planning to join the military to try and bring further honour to their family, they decided to join themselves in order to provide further support.
  • However, neither showed a particular talent for it and quickly found themselves loners amongst their training squad - they felt like the rich kids in a pool of the unlucky, the poor. Salvatore saw that Luciana wasn't coping well and convinced her to go home and aim for a higher political standing, even if it's not necessarily military-based. Meanwhile Salvatore felt he had too much pride to give up now, so he kept at it. He never made the top ten, which he felt incredibly guilty about. But now he'd made it into the military and could look out for his cousins, even give them tips for what's ahead before they stated their training.
  • Salvatore and Luciana ended up barely seeing each other since the two went separate ways. Their fates also were different. Luciana worked hard and managed to up her status within Wall Sina, even befriending one of the Military Police Captains - Francis, and one of Francis' good friends Luca. Her feelings for Francis are rather complicated.
  • Salvatore however, gets killed off during a Titan attack. Unfortunately, this was witnessed by one of his cousins, who was so shocked that he followed soon after - even though this cousin was just a few days away from being transferred over to Wall Sina to join the Military Police. Who this cousin is will be revealed when that country is brought up.


OC in mind: Russell Lee / Lee (belonging to :icondinosaurusgede:)
  • Lee is a very collected individual who strives for nothing less than the best. He was second out of the top ten from graduating squad #110. Lee proved himself to not only be smart and intuitive, but incredibly strong and had lots of technique too. However, he was rather antisocial, so he hardly ever interacted with the other squad members. Something that didn't go according to plan however, was having to deal with his comrade Maya.
  • Because Lee is rather on the antisocial side, it's not exactly clear what happened to him prior to joining the military. Maya, being the nosy person she is, has become the only person to know so far. However, she's agreed to keep it secret.
  • Lee was one of the soldiers approached by Yao, who wanted to take him under his wing. However, Lee rejected this and decided to join the Scouting Legion instead. He's well on his way to being considered one of the Elites there.


Because I've mentioned a number of characters from that squad, I'll mention the top ten graduates. This is just my opinion on the order, okay? Based on the characters themselves.
  1. Vietnam / Linh
  2. Singapore / Lee (:icondinosaurusgede:)
  3. Thailand / Somchai
  4. Indonesia / Kirana (:iconcolors-of-fire:)
  5. Burma (Myanmar) / Myo Thet (:icontinccho:)
  6. Cambodia / Pheakdei (:iconprateh-kampuchea:)
  7. Malaysia / Maya (:iconmeirenka:)
  8. Philippines / Maricela (:iconmelonstyle:)
  9. Laos / Noi (:iconmmmanchovies:)
  10. Brunei / Zafran (:iconprincefae:)


You're welcome, hurrah. =u= <3

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meirenka Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2013  Student General Artist

I swear Mel you just saw exactly what I imagined Maya would be amg:iconholyshitohmygodplz: Okay now let me get that SnK art crossover done coz' you are just making me so happy with this epic journal:iconminggagaplz:
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it's okay, I know you're busy, dear ffkjslf quq

jflhsgkj I'm glad I did well with the Maya characterisation there QUQ and didja see that singmalay and engmalay---


have you read the snk manga btw? because holy shit, what's been going on plotwise there is jkflhskfj - season 2 of SnK is gonna be epic
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Just two more months before a whole year of freedom mel ;;w;;

It's flawless amg, and I love how you fit in my OTPs with her backstory:iconallmyloveplz:
I'm having major feels Mel:iconmanlytearsplz:

YOU MADE ME WANNA DO IT SO LIVE WITH IT:iconmingflailplz: amg i hope i won't dissapoint though:iconpapmingplz:

ahh my friend told me that Erwin lost his arm to Titan, but i haven't updated much otl
mel i'm just waiting for your other snk journals:iconhandspazzplz:
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kjkfslhf and when it gets to next year, I can begin applying for jobs overseas! I'm hoping for either somewhere ASEAN, Europe or North America!

Well, I tried~ =u= I was thinking hard about how the OTPs could fit realistically into the AU - cuz SnK leaves no room for kawaii, I wanted to think of good stuff, ahaha--

I WANNA CONTRIBUTE SOME APH/SNK AU ARTS AS WELL if only college wasn't in the way so much :iconorzplz: - Ren, there's no way you can ever disappoint me btw~ I am a proud mother, remember? :iconheplz:

ooh, so you don't know about Ymir and about the Armoured/Colossal Titans? ...I'll let you find that out in your own time then~ :iconmingplz:

and yes, I'm hoping to post another before this week ends!
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Tbh ever since the whole FIFA thing a few years back when one of the teammates smacked the ball out of the goal, the Uruguayan soccer team was kinda treated like shit and called a bunch of cheaters, even though the player readily took the red card for doing that. And um I heard a lot from my father who had been keeping up with Uruguay in the London Olympics, the players were treated like shit there as well and were being denied proper transportation to their game(s). 8/
melonstyle Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2013
SOB I noticed that about Uruguay in comparison to the other Latins and like, amg I imagined angst over it and stuff, welp
but then I imagined him being kind of an awesome tactician and stuff

and holy shit that sucks, poor Uruguay DX
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Prateh-Kampuchea Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2013  Student Digital Artist
It's funny, because maybe three or so days ago I was thinking of drawing Maricela in the 3D maneuver gear BUT INSTEAD I DREW HER AS A TITAN AND WROTE MANGO TITAN NEXT TO IT SO WHEN MY PROFESSOR LOOKED AT MY PAPER HE WAS ALL "why is an anatomical drawing of a woman's muscles devouring mango trees." and then there was chibi Maricela at the bottom.
I need to stop drawing Maricela so much BUT WELP HER DESIGN IS FUN IN MY DEFENSE;;;
melonstyle Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2013

but heeee spoilers: i was thinking of doing fanartsu for the top ten graduates from squad 110~ aka the ASEANs

and did you see the slight camlao i chucked in----

omg though i'm glad maricela's so drawable--

oh yeah btw a head's up

the first country i got generated for part 2 is South Korea

Prateh-Kampuchea Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I sort of want to draw Korpiri tangled in the maneuver gear ahuehuehue :iconheavybreathingplz:
Yes, I saw, yes good. eue
melonstyle Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2013

kjdlsdfkjshglfk ermagod do it

I actually have some KorPiri headcanons for the SNK/APH crossover too~ one of them is that they'd noticed each other from afar for quite a while, each noticing similarities in their behaviour (the optimistic disposition, doing their best to not let alone see them upset) - and they finally meet when they each join the Scouting Legion and are on the mission~ i like to think their first conversation is way up in those trees---

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