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August 24, 2013


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Hey you! Were you wondering about some of my latest journals? You know, about the Uniform Contest and the Shipping Survey?

Well, they're both in relation to my latest project! You see, I've decided to put my other projects on hiatus and place my focus on this new AU! And this AU is going to be more inclusive than any of my other AUs! How so?

  1. The Uniform Contest: you guys have a chance to influence the style of clothing most seen throughout the doujinshi! This is important to those who want their OC involved with the project, because this'll most likely be the outfit their OC will be wearing and will be drawing their OC in for the October contest! This Uniform Contest ends on September 30th and I urge you to get involved! I really want to get an awesome design to use for both the guys and girls. ;u;
  2. You get to have your say! - How you answer this journal may affect certain aspects of the plot! I also wanted to give you guys the chance to have one or maybe more of your favourite pairings to feature. After all, this project is being designed to give you guys a new AU and be able to project your own thoughts onto. While I make the final decisions on things, I wanted to see what decisions I could make that would make you guys happy.
  3. Your OC could be featured! - this will be further explained in the October contest. In other words though, you have the potential to have up to 3 of your original characters feature in this Hetalia Doujinshi! Not only that, but in your contest entries, you have the chance to get that OC/OC or OC/Canon pairing you wanted, or get your character into the grouping you wanted, etc. And the best entries may be able to have their character play an important role to the plot. If you are interested, read through this journal carefully as it should hopefully give you ideas of how you think your character would fit within this AU setting.
Now it's time for me to introduce to you the AU itself! It is named...



Lovino Vargas is a new student that is in his Senior Year at Hetalia High School, having spent previous years at different schools due to his family moving around lots. While other students are looking forward to bright futures and amazing new opportunities, Lovino is rather fed up with the world around him. He feels like he's seen it all and nothing is worth getting excited over anymore. The only person he really knows at this school is his annoying classmate Gilbert Beilschmidt, his annoying little brothers Feliciano and Serafino Vargas, and the rather mysterious Kiku Honda. As he spends more time at this school, he hears of rumours of things here and there being taken from the school and the idea that there are 'little people' running around the school. However, no proof has been given to really support these rumours, and Lovino himself is quick to dismiss the rumours as nothing more than stupid ideas.

But one day, this changes. After cleaning up the classroom on his own at the end of the day, Lovino somehow falls unconscious. When he wakes up, he's nowhere near the size he used to be. He meets a girl named Maricela, who welcomes him as the newest 'Class Dweller' in the world of 'Elementary'. But this world he's been introduced to... it's his own high school! This time however, he's experiencing it from new heights. Lovino isn't wanting to stay like this forever though, so Maricela offers to help him return to being what she calls a 'Giant'.

These are the ordinary humans like you and me. However, to a Class Dweller, we are gigantic in comparison to them. Thus humans have been dubbed 'Giants', and Class Dwellers are forbidden from interacting with these Giants, let alone being seen by them. It is believed that while Giants give them the resources needed to survive, they are also the ones capable of wiping out the Class Dwellers and exposing them to the world.

Giant Characters Include: Lovino (South Italy), Feliciano (North Italy), Serafino (Seborga), Gilbert (Prussia), Ludwig (Germany), Kiku (Japan), Yao (China), Salvatore (San Marino OC) and Catarina (Female Portugal - pirate lady design).


This is the name of the underground civilisation at Hetalia High. The civilisation is run by the Class Dwellers, who are spread across the different classrooms of the school, with their subgroups being known as the 'Subjects'. Each Subject's Class Dwellers play a different role within this society, which essentially allows for the Class Dwellers to run a small city within Hetalia High. Each Subject has a different version of the same uniform for its Class Dwellers, which allows each member to know who belongs to which Subject (and further allows everyone to know each other's special role). The most important thing to note about Class Dwellers is that they are Nocturnal, so they sleep when the Giants are at school and they are awake when the school has been closed off to Giants for the night.

Want to know about the different subjects and who is linked to which subject? Then read on!

In the main English classroom, there are two groups featured within this Subject. This is where the youngest Class Dwellers grow up and receive their main education. When they turn 13, they will move to another Subject depending on their specialities and receive further training towards their new jobs. There are teachers in this Subject who look after the younger members and educate them about the world that they know.

The Teachers of this Subject Include: Elizabeta (Hungary), Feliks (Poland) and Joao (Male Portugal - ponytail design).
The Students of this Subject Include: Alois (Kugelmugel), Peter (Sealand) and Ashleigh (Wy). It will also include TRNC and Ladonia, but I don't have ideas for their human names yet. Suggestions? XD

In the Geography Classroom, there are special Class Dwellers who belong to other Subjects, but they gather here for a special job. Only specially chosen Class Dwellers have the right to join this Subject and pull off the jobs associated with this Subject. The job of the Class Dwellers involved is to exit the grounds of Hetalia High to learn about what's outside, and make special recordings of the things they learn whilst they are out there. Prior to Lovino's transformation however, one of the members of Geography has gone missing and is believed to be dead. This member is named Antonio. Also, members of Geography cannot be a Subject Leader as they are not always within Hetalia High's grounds.

The Members of this Subject Include: Arthur (England), Francis (France), Lars (Netherlands), Joao (male Portugal), Ivan (Russia), Antonio (Spain) and Sadiq (Turkey).

Members of this Subject are involved with lots of research. They do lots of experiments and inventions to further boost their society. Many members of this Subject are good with technology, with the leader Eduard being capable of using the Giants' computers without Giants realising someone unknown has been using them. It is the belief that one of the members of this Subject is responsible for Lovino's transformation from Giant to Class Dweller.

Members of this Subject Include: Marko (Bulgaria), Arthur (England), Eduard (Estonia), Raivis (Latvia), Emil (Iceland), Lindita (Kosovo OC), Kate (New Zealand - I headcanon NZ as female), Lukas (Norway) and Vasilica (Romania).

Members of this Subject are essentially the accountants in Elementary. They are good with numbers, especially in regards to resources and supplies. Some of these members are also excellent with technology. Their leader is Lars' younger brother Luca.

Members of this Subject Include: Roderich (Austria), Erica (Liechtenstein), Luca (Luxembourg OC), Lucio (Macau), Monique (Monaco), Lars (Netherlands) and Dae Hyun (North Korea OC).

They are located at the key position of the school grounds. Members of this Subject act as a delivery team and can quickly travel around the different parts of the school to deliver items and messages that can't be delivered via walkie talkies. They can also escort other Class Dwellers around the school. If they cannot return to Reception before school starts for the day, they simply spend the night at the Subject closest to them until they can return back to their base. The leader of this Subject is Kyle.

Members of this Subject Include: Alfred (America), Kyle (Australia), Matthew (Canada), Li Xiao (Hong Kong), Maricela (Philippines OC), Cerise (Seychelles), Yong Soo (South Korea) and Mei (Taiwan).

These are the cooks of the dwellers. They take the food they can get in the kitchen and make the meals that members of either Reception or Gym take to deliver to the other Subjects, depending on the meals made and how easy they are to transport. The leader of this Subject is Yekaterina.

Members of this Subject Include: Emma (Belgium), Francis (France), Heracles (Greece), Rajan (India), Somchai (Thailand) and Yekaterina (Ukraine).

These are for the most athletic dwellers. The most acrobatic dwellers will often take to watch duty, checking to see if there are staff and students around at night. They will often do the bigger deliveries that require more strength. They'll also do 'Collection jobs', which means if new resources are brought into the school, they'll be the ones who get the closest to the humans in grabbing what they can without getting noticed. It's one of the toughest lifestyles as it requires day shifts too. Alfred used to belong to this Subject, but he kept getting into disagreements with other members of this Subject. There is a bit of a divide in the Subject itself though, which is why the ever neutral Vash ended up as their Leader.

Members of this Subject Include: Valon (Albania OC), Natalya (Belarus), Mathias (Denmark), Gupta (Egypt), Ivan (Russia), Zoran (Serbia OC), Vash (Switzerland), Sadiq (Turkey) and Linh (Vietnam).

This is where dwellers make furniture for the other dwellers. It takes strength work, with some maths and artistry. The leader of this Subject is Tino.

Members of this Subject Include: Jamar (Cameroon), Tino (Finland), Toris (Lithuania), Antonio (Spain) and Berwald (Sweden).

These are Subjects where other Class Dwellers may get involved with as just an extra part of their lifestyle, but it is more of a part-time thing. Shifts are more irregular here and there are no specific uniforms for these subjects and the Class Dwellers can wear what they usually wear. There are no specific leaders for these Subjects and a Class Dweller can only take on one 'Extra'.

This is where dwellers make clothing for the other dwellers, using the materials found in the classroom. Members of this Subject only work three days a week at best, otherwise they spend the rest of their time in another Subject. Their three day shifts will vary a lot (some working a particular day, some are not).

Class Dwellers who get involved are: Emma (Belgium), Erica (Liechtenstein), Mei (Taiwan) and Yekaterina (Ukraine).

These dwellers are in charge of decorating the homes of the dwellers in each subject with works of art. They also take the Woodshop's furniture and paint those too. They work on these artworks on the weekend, otherwise they belong to their usual Subject.

Class Dwellers who get involved are: Monique (Monaco), Heracles (Greece), Li Xiao (Hong Kong), Lukas (Norway), Feliks (Poland) and Somchai (Thailand).

These dwellers often come up with plays and music for entertaining the dwellers. They will do practises over the weekend and a performance once a month. The rest of the time, they belong to their usual Subject.

Class Dwellers who get involved are: Roderich (Austria), Arthur (England), Francis (France), Joao (male Portugal), Maricela (Philippines OC), Yong Soo (South Korea) and Vasilica (Romania).

On Sunday, there is a meeting here where a representative from each Subject comes to discuss matters and bring back solutions and ideas from previous meetings, and so on. There is one dweller who is the head speaker and another who takes down the notes from the meetings and distributes them out. The head speaker is Arthur and the note taker is Lars.

The Subject Leaders who attend are: Kyle (Australia), Eduard (Estonia), Tino (Finland), Elizabeta (Hungary), Luca (Luxembourg OC), Vash (Switzerland) and Yekaterina (Ukraine).


These are Dwellers who are separate from the Class Dwellers of Elementary at Hetalia High School. Neither society knows of one another, but they are both 'small people'. The difference however, is that the owner of Hetalia Mall actually knows about the existence of the Mall Dwellers and has deliberately allowed them to live in the Mall of make use of it at night-time. This is a secret that the Mall Owner Catarina (Female Portugal) has been able to keep from the public. She is friends with the Mall Dwellers. The Mall Dwellers don't have their own specific uniforms and wear whatever they like. They tend to roam more freely, not having to do as much as the Class Dwellers in order to stay alive successfully, due to the fact that Catarina is happy enough to keep them well looked after.

This mall has a lot there for them too: it has clothes stores, a foodcourt, a movie theatre, a games arcade (Mall Dwellers may be small, but they do take amusement in working together to win the games), a supermarket, furniture stores and more. In a way, it is their paradise - their only rule is not to trash everything so much that store owners will notice something really out of place when they go to work in the mornings onwards. Like the Class Dwellers, the Mall Dwellers are Nocturnal and only able to make use of the resources left for them at night.


Mall Dwellers Include: Manuel (Ecuador OC), Carmen (Colombia OC), Carlos (Cuba) and Elisa (Venezuela).


[APH ELEMENTARY] Carmen's design (see description) by melonstyle
[APH ELEMENTARY] Elisa's design (see description) by melonstyle
[APH ELEMENTARY] Manuel's design (see description) by melonstyle


So there you have it! An outline of this AU and the different groups and settings within the AU and what each group does. So when the Uniform Contest is over, this journal will be updated with references to the uniforms that the Class Dwellers each wear! Now you have this Journal for reference ideas for when the October OC Contest begins! I hope you like the AU I have come up with, and can think of ways your characters may fit in.

And yeah, now you know why PruHun wasn't mentioned in the survey. With Gilbert as a Giant and Elizabeta as a Class Dweller, I never intend for them to meet one another. Now about Kiku's ties to the Class Dwellers, you'll eventually see! Also Serafino knows about the Class Dwellers, but that story is something I'll keep a mystery.

Oh yeah, no OCs can opt to be part of the Geography Subject or be in the Library meeting Subject, but people are welcome to have their character be linked to any of the other subjects, and are allowed to take on one of the 'Extra Subjects' (Textiles, Art, Theatre). Just keep that in mind, okay? C:

By the way, don't base who you want to group your OC with on shipping. Think about which Subject's tasks work the best for what your OC can do. Besides, I know people like shipping with characters like Alfred and uh, because he's a Reception Class Dweller, he gets to visit all parts of the school anyway, so your character doesn't need to be part of the Reception group to interact with him. Got it? 8U

Anyway, that's it! I know it's a long read, but you have lots of time to mull this over, because I'll only be really referring back to this post for the October contest!
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HatofulHato Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah, may I ask a question? When does the story take place? Thank you very much! ^_^
melonstyle Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013
do you mean in terms of the year? It's modern, yes. XD And storywise, the story will probably start around October, because I wanna throw in a Halloween event to the storyline--//bricked
HatofulHato Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ooh, I see... Can't wait to see dem halloween costumes~ I wonder if Maricela's gonna be a manananggal or something.... XD  
Also, are city ocs allowed...? I'm planning on making a Caloocan oc or a region oc.... 
melonstyle Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013
bahaha, we'll see~

and yup! Both country and region OCs! Btw you're able to enter your Philippines too, if you wanted. It's just that I'll only allow two other Philippines OCs into the doujinshi if I get more than two Philippines OC contest entries (normally it would be three per country, but my Philippines takes up spot no.1 for that country, same with my other OCs filling certain slots).

And the full contest details will be released in October! ^^
HatofulHato Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'll look forward to it :iconrinpleasegoonplz:

Hmm... Should I make a region oc or just use my Philippines oc... Can't decide yetttt ;w; I should think about it first~

Alrighty then! Thank you very much again! I'll do my best with the uniform designs! I just wish I have more time ;w;
melonstyle Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013
well, you can enter up to 3 characters, I'll at least say that. XD
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(( //Starts drawing ))
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if it's for the current uniform design contest, then go right ahead! XD ))
APH-RepblicOfIreland Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013
(( I meant the uniforms ^^ ))
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