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November 27, 2012


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:bulletred: I went along to Waitangi Park today to watch the screening of 'The Hobbit' World Premiere! It was so crowded at Courtenay Place where it was being held that I decided to go to the park because A) I can see what's happening and watch the interviews with the stars there anyway, B) it's right by the Hobbit Artisan Fair where there's merchandise and food, C) I could sit down for the hours instead of being stuck standing and D) I GOT A FREE WIZARD'S HAT. All in all it was good but uh, because I was watching a screening I couldn't get autographs or take photos. But hey, I've sort of met Sir Ian McKellan before (the actor who plays Gandalf) some months or so ago so I guess I can deal with it. OMG though, Elijah Wood's voice atm is so different to his Frodo voice from what I remember so watching his interview was kind of 'what'. Cate Blanchett's stunning though, I can only hope I age as beautifully as she does, bahaha. And oh my gosh, I got a little sick of them constantly referencing the movie title though 'An Unexpected Journey' in all the interviews, ahaha... but idk, all in all everyone was in good spirits so I was quite happy!

:bulletorange: Working on a big picture atm featuring a ton of characters. After that, my to-do list is as follows...
1. Christmas Cards
2. ??? (see on one of the other bullets)
3. the late kiriban picture for :iconGolden-ButteflySky:
4. the rest of the art trades (and don't worry, I know who I owe trades to!)
5. my comiiiiiiiiic! And the next few pages feature a guest cameo of :iconspogunasya:'s Philippines, oh my... and there's some upcoming MexPiri... because just in case you forgot, I also ship dat shiz~ :iconhurrplz:
???. (depending on the order of things) - A Christmas Picture and a New Year's Picture! Because I want to do something for each of those, kthnx 8U

:bulletgreen: Derpy Christmas Sketches!

So the basic shiz is that you comment with your top 3 APH pairings (be they Canon/Canon, OC/Canon or OC/OC) and I'll do derpy sketches of them. Cuz I have a lot on my plate they will be sketchy things but uh, I'll try make 'em nice. The reason why I say three is just so I have some options of which I wanna pick, oops. Btw, you are free to specify if you want your OC/s drawn should I pick that pair of the three, just saying~ C: And btw if you don't specify the OC, I will just use my own or come up with a design or whatever, ahaha...

and btw, you are welcome to give me friendship pairs too, not just romantic. XDDD SO YEAH UH, PICK THREE AND I'LL DRAW ONE OF THEM maybe I'll attempt full body for each~ XDDD

there is a chance that if someone gives me pairings where I happen to like all three that I will just sketch them all, bahaha - well hey, that's how the muses work~ c:

so yeah uh, that's it for now -- and yeah, this is Hetalia only and um, this is for friends only - but i will make exceptions if it's clear we know of each other well enough, tralala~
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awesome free stuff! you're ao nice Mel!!

btw is NorBel as in Norway/Belgium or Norway/Belarus? Just wanted to double check cuz yeah XDD
You watch the Hobit! LUCKY! How was it?

Free stuff!

So it wasn't the filipino trio. :(

:XD: Anyways you can draw
1) FranceXJeanne D'Arc
2) CanadaXNetherlands
3) AustaliaXNesia

^^; I could put a Piri pairing but I love 4 Piri pairings the same.
I haven't seen the movie, I just saw the premiere event for it - the red carpet stuff. XD It was good though!

And nooo, but they'll cameo eventually. XDD

And alrighty, I think I know what to do~ CB
Hong Kong x Taiwan , dude. :iconbigheplz:

I support TaiwanXPhilippines, don't kill me Ate~~~
Hmmm, I think I know what to do~ =u=
marimariakutsu Nov 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I still am in the process processing your AT...

Hm, although it IS almost Xmas after all...

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