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August 30, 2012
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Luxembourg OC Chibi Thing by melonstyle Luxembourg OC Chibi Thing by melonstyle
Uh, so I decided to do an acrylic style chibi of my Luxembourg OC?

He's wearing a traditional outfit as pictured here: [link]

and the Goldcrest bird on his finger is the (unofficial) national bird, the rose thing is the (again, unofficial) national flower and the Euro sign is because he's a rich bitch and uh, derp heads of big brother Netherlands and big sister Belgium BECAUSE

Anyway, here's some notes on him:

Country: Luxembourg
Name: Luca Siegfried
Age: 20

:bulletred: Heís the younger sibling of Belgium and Netherlands
:bulletwhite: He takes pride in his generosity
:bulletblue: He gets along well with France
:bulletred: He is the richest nation in Europe
:bulletwhite: Despite his ability to splash out on nice things (which he does so regularly), he always seems to be far from broke
:bulletblue: He isnít the biggest fan of Germany, though nowadays he is much more civil around him
:bulletred: Heís closer to Belgium than he is with Netherlands, or at least it seems that way - he isnít afraid to tease Netherlands about things though
:bulletwhite: Despite his life of luxury, he is also an incredibly keen businessman - he seems to balance the two very well
:bulletblue: Heís very well intentioned, though sometimes others donít always see that with his rather blunt remarks
He has quite a princely air to him a lot of the time and considers himself very highly cultured
:bulletred: Heís very well educated but there are aspects of the world heís incredibly lost on and is quite a failure at roughing it outdoors

and yeah he's an OC I've been working on a lot more lately, tralala
choco-java Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2012  Student General Artist
I've always thought France was the wealthiest European least, from what I read about the average income and GDP.

. . .

Oh well..good to learn new things~.:D
melonstyle Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2012
Nope, Luxembourg is actually overall wealthier - and Norway and Switzerland also rank higher than France too if I recall correctly too! Oh and Liechtenstein is ranking highly in Europe too, yup XD The Nordics on the whole rank highly as well...
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