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November 27, 2013
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[HETALIA] Kosovo Profile by melonstyle [HETALIA] Kosovo Profile by melonstyle
Country Name: Republic of Kosovo
Human Name: Lindita Jashari
('Jashari' is taken from Adem Jashari, who is considered the "father" of the 'Kosovo Liberation Army', and a symbol of Kosovo independence. Lindita means 'the new day is born' in Albanian, and was the name she took on from the moment she declared her independence in 2008)
Age Appearance: 18. She often looked younger than her neighbours, but has begun to look more mature in the more recent years.
Nation Age: While it's been 5 years since her declared independence, she was around as early as the Middle Ages and is really just as old as Serbia - she is approximately 800 years old, give or take
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7" - the height of women in this region is tall, but she's still considered short by many of the other Balkans (particularly the males)
Birthday: 17th February (the date in which she declared independence)
Capital City: Pristina
Languages: Albanian and Serbian
Main Religions: Islam and Christianity (Catholic and Orthodox)
Faceclaim: Mary Elizabeth Winstead (link)

Brief Overall Description
Lindita is a girl who has spent the majority of her life under Serbia, who she considered to be an older brother for many years. However, during the rule of the Ottoman Empire, she played a significant part during the 'Albanian national movement', which was a key factor in the great population of Kosovar-Albanians today. Because of this, over the years, she started to feel more closer to Albania than she did to Serbia, which was something the latter has never approved of. Nonetheless, despite spending so many years as a 'region', she began to realise just how much she wanted to become a nation of her own and thus declared independence. Some of the first to recognise her included Albania, Turkey, USA, UK and France. Other Eastern Europeans who have recognised her independence include Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Montenegro and Slovenia. However, there are still many other nations who refuse to recognise her independence, notable nations being Serbia and Russia.

Lindita is someone who is a keen observer. She's seen a lot of chaos throughout her life and has suffered many wounds over the years. Lindita however, isn't someone who tries to pretend that nothing's wrong. She can actually be rather blunt and a bit of a deadpan snarker actually - she's actually quite sarcastic and witty when she wants to be and is the type of person to own her flaws as much as she can. Lindita can recognise what needs to be done, and will do her best to ensure it is done, however, because she is rather upfront with her emotions, it can at times cloud her judgement. Sometimes she's even rather unconventional, a trait that seemed to pop up a lot more as she got to know Albania. She is quite down to earth, especially with those she considers a friend, but with those she doesn't get along with, she can seem rather standoffish. One thing she's trying to get down pat is coming across more open and really securing more positive relations, but the fact that with some nations it's a lost cause, that's something that brings her down at times. However, she's been gaining an increase of support over the years, which has been motivating her a lot more to persist and she hopes to stand out more in the future.

Foreign Relations (MAJOR WIP)


ALBANIA - Albania is a bit of a brother figure to Kosovo, and her closest supporter in regards to her independence. She has a long history with him, becoming closer and more influenced by him over the years, which Serbia doesn’t approve of much. They have a lot of similarities with one another these days, which tightens their close relationship.

AUSTRIA - Austria supports Kosovo’s independence and has been working hard with the EU to get others to recognise Kosovo more. She regards him as a friend.

BELGIUM - There were tensions during the 1999 NATO bombing of Yugoslavia that Belgium was involved with (among others), considering that at the time, Kosovo was still considering herself a part of Serbia. However, Belgium is also one of the countries that now recognises Kosovo’s independence from Serbia.

BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA - This country is very much divided in opinion over Kosovo’s Independence. One of the political entities, Republika Srpska, is more against it and has threatened to join Serbia if Bosnia and Herzegovina were to recognise her. Due to this, the country will not acknowledge Kosovo as being independent.









































:bulletblue:This will be updated with further information on personality, foreign relations and history.:bulletblue:

But for now, what do you think? The lineart wasn't done by me, but by the ever so wonderful Ask-Cambodia, but it was me who did the colouring! It's not often that I attempt to colour in the Hima style, so that's why it's pretty lame colouring, pffff-- 

but Kiki, I wouldn't mind collaborating with you again, ahaha XDD I just thought the lineart was so cute and as I was colouring it, I realised I could just use it as Lindita's reference. So there we go, a full body reference of my Kosovo OC!

As I have stated on my previous deviation of her:
Anyway, the truth is she's my third Hetalia OC to be created. Albania was first, Philippines was second. Anyway, when I was developing my Albania OC, one thing I noticed to be of importance was the Albania-Kosovo relationship. There were hardly any Kosovo OCs around and it was sort of tough pondering the two characters when I had one, but not the other. Thus along came the creation of this girl. And not long after, I made a Serbia. I decided the wisest thing with creating OCs of Albania, Kosovo and Serbia, was for me as a creator to remain as neutral as possible to the political dynamics between the three. I hope to continue doing more research for the three.

Hopefully I'll be able to post up more bios of my Hetalia OCs! I kind of want to have a new Maricela reference (aka a nicer looking reference sheet), as well as references for my other 'main' OCs (or at least the ones I consider to be my main) like Albania, Serbia, Colombia and Luxembourg. Yeah yeah, I know there's a canon Luxembourg, but I've done a lot of research for my OC and don't wish to discard him in the slightest! So w/e w/e Mel does what she wants.

Favourites and comments always appreciated!

Kosovo OC / Lindita Jashari belongs to :iconmelonstyle:
Lineart was done by :iconask-cambodia:
Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
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kreshnik2000 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2014
I suggest you remove that Serbian part about the Language,cause just because only 5% Serbs live in Kosovo doesn't mean it's one of the main Languages,ugh it's disgusting just to think about that language,this Serbs don't even deserve to live In Kosovo!
HEck! they don't even deserve to live in Ballkan,they should just go to Russia from where they came from,they are like a virus spreading hate everywhere they go.

All I'm saying is that by saying Serbia at the language part you just offended my Country.

Other than that the others are good,the drawing is good also. She looks cute! :)

-Good day.
melonstyle Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2014
Okay, I'll look into that, but the reason I had it was because she spent so many years under Serbia, so his language is still a major part of her. I don't mind doing edits when I have the time to. While I understand where you're coming from, please don't say hateful things here either. I have OCs for Albania, Kosovo and Serbia, so I am aware of the different sides to this. I find all three very interesting places, so I don't really want to deal with country bashing here, please? Thank you for your input anyhow, I do appreciate it.
kreshnik2000 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014
Thank you for understanding.

And for the Bashing part,I will stop doing that when they stop doing it.
Did you miss one of the Serbs comments in your Albania Oc,where he/she said that our Sexual Orientation is with Goats ?
And I don't about you replying to him by saying "Are you for real ? Omg I'm dying!" You finded funny,I definitely didn't!
Serbs after  the Soccer match we had started calling us |GoatFucker| 
So I think is normal that I said what I said.
Anyways,have a good day.

-Good luck on future projects.
melonstyle Featured By Owner Edited Dec 5, 2014
Right-o, well thanks for informing me. And for the bashing part, I mean - DON'T do it all my deviations. If you wanna do it elsewhere that's fine, but on my works, I'd rather you did not. Okay? Okay.


I'd also like to further enlighten you from my perspective why I didn't take the goat thing as seriously. See, in New Zealand, the Australians often refer to us as being 'Sheepsexual'. They call us 'Sheep Shaggers'. However, us NZers have never taken it to heart. So hearing Goatsexual was like hearing 'Sheep Shagger' to me - it wasn't something to take too seriously. While I am 100% aware that Australia/NZ get on waaaaaaay better, I was also not aware that it was a Serb talking about 'goatsexual' either? I do not check the countries every commenter of mine is from. I will keep it in mind more now.

I just wanted to explain to you why I didn't take that comment as seriously as you did, kay? It's a cultural thing, I believe.
kreshnik2000 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014
No I won't do that,don't worry. But as Isaac Newton said "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." <--------- See what I did there ? Eh ? ....No ? Ok.
Well I guess you get my point.

Yeah as you said it yourself,there is a difference between the relationship of Albanians and "Serbians" and  the New Zealand people and The australians. But then again,it was interesting hearing that,it feels like I learned something... you know ? Anyways,thanks for replying and clearing it out for me.

SummerTimeBlue Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2014   Interface Designer
im sorry but there is 95% muslims and only 5% christians
melonstyle Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2014
Can you show me your source for that please?
SummerTimeBlue Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2014   Interface Designer…

it says a little i could told you more  but it says in albania

and i live there
melonstyle Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2014
The thing is, other pages on wiki have said other things. I'm pretty busy, but I am likely to update the info at some point, don't worry. uvu
SummerTimeBlue Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2014   Interface Designer
ok thanks have a good day/night
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