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December 15, 2013
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[GANG SECRET SANTA] NerdyJones by melonstyle [GANG SECRET SANTA] NerdyJones by melonstyle
By the time I submit this, it'll be the 16th of December in my timezone... therefore I am tooootally sticking to the schedule with my Secret Santas! :iconmingplz:

Anyways, I told Jones that I'd draw Raquel and Maricela as girlfriends - hardly anyone draws MexPiri yuri, but it's actually one of my favourite forms of MexPiri-- :iconkiligplz: I had lots of fun working on this - it was basically what kept me going throughout the whole day despite all of the shitty hayfever going on. OTL

I'm really happy with how my Secret Santa gifts have been coming out so far! So I've had 8 Secret Santa gifts total, I've now completed three. And I've got the sketches for two others done. And then after that, I've got 9 extra gifts that I wanted to do for my friends because I love them and I hardly ever have the time to draw stuff for my friends--

er ahem back to the drawing - RAQUEL'S HAIR IS CHALLENGING BUT I THINK I DID OKAY-ISH???

GIRLFRAAANS<333 lmao can you imagine Alfred's face if those two girls started going out tho

Alfred: omg are you two in lesbians with each other
Raquel: bitch we might be
Maricela: wait how can we be in a lesbian what
Raquel: i'll explain later babe
Alfred: hot damn skippy

this is why Mel shouldn't be left to her own devices--

anywho uh, hope people like! There should be more of MexPiri with the giiiirls~ ;u;

EDIT: threw this onto my tumblr because why the fack not

Mexico OC / Hot Mama Raquel belongs to :iconnerdyjones:
Philippines OC / Probably Gets Uke On All Seme/Uke Quizzes Maricela belongs to :iconmelonstyle:
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LullabyDance Jan 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
They look so fabulous together! Your coloring style is so shiny and beautiful~
And you did great with the hair, really really great! uwu
arigatou-- sob yeah i've somehow gone into shiny mode lately--
LullabyDance Jan 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
you're welcome~ shiny is always good, shiny makes your life brighter--
How cute they are!
thank you very much! :D <3
MariaJHB Dec 17, 2013  Student Digital Artist
too fantastic for mein eyes /w\ I've never thought of this pairing as a yuri but aahhhh is so beautiful :iconfantasyblushplz: I might draw some in the near future-
Amazing job btw!!!! It's so wonderful :iconheartrollplz: 
that's cuz most people draw MexPiri as either male!Mex/fem!Phils or as yaoi-- but tbh I dig the yuri version more than the yaoi-- :iconhurrplz: YES DO IT, DRAW IT --//bricked

and thank you so much! :D <3
MariaJHB Dec 18, 2013  Student Digital Artist
It's so true, it hurst. I like pairings in all ways so I don't mind~ :iconomgyayamericaplz:
OF COURSE. THEY SHALL BE DRAWN- :iconbricked-plz:
You're welcome~!! :heart:
Kamadoka13 Dec 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh wow great expression 8D makes me ship them eheh :iconlazeflirtplz:

and the background are fit~ :iconcoolspartaplz:
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